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French Broad Chocolate


French Broad Chocolates of Asheville has collaborated with Riverbend Malthouse to bring you their Malted Milk Chocolate: a dark milk chocolate featuring Riverbend’s Heritage barley malts, locally milled by community grain miller, Carolina Ground. To create this chocolate, they toast the malted barley, and grind it with a blend of Peruvian and Guatemalan cacaos, and organic milk powder.  This chocolate has a creamy, malty flavor, with aroma of nutmeg and cinnamon. It might bring you back to your youth, when ‘malt’ meant a light, chocolaty milkshake.

Cacao and coffee are the ultimate compadres; two seeds in a pod. They hail from a common latitude (though cacao prefers lower altitudes). Their post-agricultural processes are uncannily similar: both are seeds of a tropical fruit, fermented, dried at origin, and carefully roasted to bring out their unique flavor profiles. They’re both stimulating, and have made an indelible impression on our world culture. With this bar, French Broad Chocolates of Asheville seeks to feature the natural ease with which these two foods marry.  In this chocolate, Cacao Bisiesto’s Nicaraguan cacao contributes a deep, chocolatey base, while Mountain Air’s coffee offers a mild fruit layer over caramel. And coffee...lots of coffee...

Salt affects flavor in curious ways, thanks to the tricky flavor receptors in our brain. It subdues some flavors, and enhances others. The salt suppresses the bitter, which in turn allows greater perception of sweet and sour. Paired with the right cacao, salt can be another tool for manipulating the flavor of the chocolate French Broad Chocolates of Asheville creates.  Clean, mineral salt tempers the bitterness of a 75% chocolate made with Nicaraguan cacao, while complementing a flavor profile of buttered biscuits and black coffee. The delicate flakes of salt offer a pleasant crunchy texture contrasted with smooth chocolate.

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